Photo by Stephanie Brait

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Claudia is a photographer, living and operating currently in the heart of the American Midwest. Cincinnati is merely the latest stop on a journey that dragged her from birth in Vancouver, BC to a series of stops and stays all over the place: LA to Mexico City, Pittsburgh to Palm Beach, righting wrongs and slingin' camera. 

Claudia enjoys the finer things in life: long walks, good music, lime and hot sauce, robots, nature, and of course, cupcakes. This globe-trotting adventuress, when not wearing a camera around her neck, can be found spotting the cool, schooling her fiancé in Super Smash Bros., or walking a Shiba Inu. 


TIME, Vanity Fair, NYLON Guys, Rolling StoneGolf, Entrepreneur, Inked, Design Bureau, Ladies' Home Journal, WARP Magazine, Rouge.

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